Torag Fails

Yay (after 2 years!!) I'm no longer banned from the wiki! Thanks Kane!

Former Rank 1 Player and Godzhell Wiki Admin.

Not playing seriously nowadays, just logging on for a few minutes here and there :)

Torag Fails (talk) 15:51, May 12, 2013 (UTC)


Well I used to be rank 1 skiller a couple years back... here are my stats. But most of them have hardly been trained since 2011 or so.


Thieving: MAX

Firemaking: MAX

Prayer: MAX

Agility: MAX (25M was legit, then I got bored one day and duped the rest :/)


Smithing: 847M (all legit)

Hitpoints: 603M

Attack : 438M

Runecraft: 243M

Cooking: 233M

Strength: 203M

Ranged: 202M

Mining: 160M

Woodcutting: 141M

Slayer: 122M

Fletching: 106M

Magic: 101M

Fishing: 73M

Defence: 72M

Crafting: 55M

Herblore: 50M

Farming: unknown (probably about 15-20M)

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