aka Seth Pate

Bureaucrat Admin
  • I was born on September 9
  • I am Male
  • First time I saw Adam.
  • John Blaise and I.
  • Adamtheowner vs. Jjlcoolj2000
  • Adamtheowner vs. Jjlcoolj200 (2)
  • Only people I knew were online.
  • kerry's price.
  • Me, Lexi, Ethan, and Mitch
  • Dj bros
  • Traxxas came back. 1/12/2013
  • Result of an admin doing "::dust"
  • "The Best1" logged in
  • Ethan testing "::admin" on Broster
  • An actual wildy spot
  • Godzhell pigpen 1
  • Godzhell pigpen 2
  • Godzhell pigtrain
  • Jjlcoolj2000, Demon, and Traxxas fighting (EPIC)
  • Torag Fails is back! 3/9/2013
Im sethg, I started playing Godzhell around January 2012. I made the horrible mistake of trusting some of the so called "legends" on here. But you can't get rid of Seth that easy.

And no matter how dead Godzhell becomes, or how much unfortunate crap happens to me, Ill be here until the end.

If you're a new player reading this, take some advice: Dont trust anybody; only go by what your gut tells you, and if you get scammed, make sure that you're better because of it.

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