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''Hey Guys, My name is Mitch :P''
''I've Played GodzHell Since 2008, and sorta Quit Until 2009.''
''I play Godzhell To hang out with Mah Friends and Collect Rares :)''
'''All my Accounts:'''
1bill (Very First Account)
Chill Bro
Its Unique (Seth has him)
I Hope one day, GodzHell Will become the Best RsPs in the world again!
'''My Partner is Nika, so Please don't ask to share accounts!'''
''I've made a few Mistakes in my GodzHell life, and betrayed a few friends, and to which, i apologize greatly, it will never, EVER Happen again!''
Btw, I love ethan #yolo
'''Lexi, if you read this.'''
'''Miss you queen bish :)'''
from mishbish :)
Swoc, why u hate me?

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