Steel Dragons

Steel Dragon

Steel Dragons are commonly killed for their unique drops. They are located north of the PKing area at the Lassar teleport in the Ancient Magicks spellbook. You can also find Steel Dragons in a dungeon, which is available by using this telecode: 02860,09770. Steel Dragons are level 246 and can be killed very easily with or without perfect ring as they dont always attack back.

Steel dragons


Dragon chainbody

  • Dragon Battleaxe
  • Dragon Dagger
  • Dragon Halberd
  • Dragon Mace
  • Dragon Scimitar
  • Dragon Hatchet
  • Armadyl Chestplate
  • Armadyl Plateskirt
  • Steel Bar
  • Pray Potion(1)
  • Dragon 2h sword
  • Oak Sapling
  • Bronze Dagger
  • Null