Tips on how to get rares in Godzhell

1. Often at skillz or hang people will be doing "dps" (Drop Partys) they are going on almost always, it's a good way for new players to get items quick and start trading with others.

2. You can try begging for items but 90% of the time people will tell you to stop begging or swear at you (And that is never good!).

3. This is something I am not fond of... but it does get you items. Try duping aka doubling your items and then just selling your copy. (But this is not a good way because it wil result in leaking items so try the other ways)

4. Trade with people.  NOTE: Normal trading does not work, so you are forced to drop trade and that can lead to scamming and trust me there are scammers out there so be safe with your rares. (There is a way How u can safe droptrade. select a location with a object between u and the player then droptrade it if the item doesnt show up on the mini map then pick up your item and go away.)

5. Make friends with the right people and what I mean by that is make friends with someone who is rich and you never know they may give you items.

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