PKing is short for Player Killing. PKing is the act of killing other players for fun or to get their items. There were many places you can PK at. (NOTE: Player Killing was removed in 2011)


PKing ("Player Killing") Was removed some time in 2011. Players now have the inability to die(with the exception of ::suicide). Everyone is safe untill stated otherwise.

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PKing Areas

PKing areas are places in Godzhell that allow you to PK players.

The Wilderness

The Wilderness is one of the most common places to PK people at. The most common checkpoints for people to PK at in the Wilderness are places you can teleport to using the spells in the Ancient Magicks spellbook. Many players team at "G", which is in 50+ wilderness, most have an Armadyl Godsword or 'perfect' ring, so you will most likely die when going there. Bring no items when going, and ask the players there if you can be on a team with them. If they accept, you still should make sure you can trust them so you don't risk losing any valuable items.

Lassar Mountain

The "L" teleport in Ancient Magicks is a common place to PK people. Just head north of where you teleport to until you reach a fire giant near a coffin. When you go past the fire giant, you can PK players. People often do this to players running by that do not know this is a PKing area.


In some places at Godwars, you can PK people. This is when you go near the Imp, the path with Kamil on it, and the General. It is only 30+ PKing area, so it isn't the greatest place to kill people, but you can still trick some people into going to a PK area and kill them.

The King Black Dragon

Anywhere in the King Black Dragon lair is a PKing area. You can go there when no one is there, wait at the entrance and kill people who come, and take their loot. Make sure to check that no one is there first by either going there with no items or logging onto another account and going to the KBD lair. Not many people PK here, but sometimes people come for a chance to kill the King Black Dragon and get the Fire Cape.


Some high level players (126) go to ::ghosts and trick other players of their same combat level to come to Ghosts to get a free "AGS", then kill them as soon as they get there, as it is in level 0 Wilderness when you first arrive. Another thing to do is to get a Master Wand and freeze all of the monsters there, which will also damage the players around the monsters.


There are a few places in Barrows that you can PK people at. Some are by the gates that lead into other rooms. You can also go into the air and travel to the outer edges of the barrows minigame until you can go on and find a place full of coffins and doors. You can PK people there as well.

Kalphite Queen

There is a small area in the Kalphite Queen lair that you can PK people in. It is rarely used, but when people enter it, there is usually someone there to come in and PK them.

Equipment and Inventory

This is a section about what to wear and what to bring when PKing.

Low Levels

Head: Helm of Neitizot

Necklace: Amulet of Glory

Cape: Obsidian Cape

Body: Fighter Torso

Gloves: Barrows Gloves

Legs: Rune Platelegs

Ring: Berserker Ring

Boots: Dragon Boots

Shield: Rune Defender

Weapon: Dragon Scimitar --You mainly start with most of these.

Medium Levels

Head: Dragon Full Helm

Necklace: Amulet of Fury

Cape: Skillcape

Body: Bandos Chestplate

Gloves: Barrows Gloves

Legs: Bandos Tassets

Ring: perfect ring or berserca ring

Boots: Dragon Boots

Shield: Rune Defender

Weapon: Zamorak or Saradomin Godsword or ags

High Levels

Head: Dragon Full Helm 

Necklace: Amulet of Fury

Cape: Fire Cape

Body: 3rd age platebody 

Gloves: Pirate hook

Legs: 3rd Age Platelegs

Ring: 'Perfect Ring' 

Boots: Bandos Boots 

Shield: Dragon sq shield

Weapon: Any Godsword or saradomin staff 


This is what to bring in your inventory.

Food, as many as you could. 

All of the runes (type ::runes)

Stacking Items/Food

You can get hundreds of one item or piece of food by filling your inventory with the desired item and logging out. Log back in and it will all become one stack. You can do this many times and have a large amount of food in your inventory, leaving more free space for other things. (like Manta rays,potions and even multiple DILDOS)

AGS Setup

This is what to wear and bring if PKing with an Armadyl Godsword

Head: None

Necklace: None

Cape: None

Body: None

Gloves: None

Legs: None

Ring: None

Boots: None

Shield: None

Weapon: Armadyl Godsword (DO NOT UNEQUIP!)

Best Setup (with a 'perfect' ring)

What to do if wearing a 'perfect' ring.

If you don't care if you lose the ring

Wait at a PKing area for someone to enter. Wear an ancient staff or saradomin staff and no other items. Only bring manta rays with you, but keep a space or two open for loot. Kill anyone as soon as they are in sight (and in the PK area). The two staffs will allow you to kill them when you are far away from them instead of bashing them close up.

If you value your ring and do not want to lose it

Keep the ring in your inventory so you will keep it on death. Equip it when someone comes and kill them. Unequip it and repeat. Wear and bring everything you did in the method above.


This section will tell you how to PK people. It helps A LOT to have an AGS.

Rare Item Trick

This trick is used to lure people into PKing spots, mainly spots they don't know are PKing spots. Tell them that you will give them a rare item if you follow them (AGS is most convincing if they don't have one), then when you pass into a PK spot, kill them. This doesn't work too much, but it can.

Teleother Trick

For this, you must be on the Normal Magicks spellbook. Whenever someone goes into a PKing area, use a teleother spell (usually Camelot) on them so they can't see. They will be unable to decline unless they walk away. PK them while they are "blind" and take their items.

Free Item Trick

This is to be used right outside a PKing area. Say something like, "FREE AGS!" then trade with someone and run into the PKing zone. They will see the message and want to get whatever item you advertised. When they click the trade offer on the chat box, the game will force them to run to you in order to start a trade. Decline the trade and kill them, or just kill them before they can reach you. This usually works, and it is pretty funny when it works. You can also get good items if they have any on them.

Freeze Trick

This is a simple trick. Whenever someone enters a PKing area, use Ice Barrage to freeze them in the PKing area for 30 seconds. Now you can safely walk up to them and PK them, though they might teleport away.

Luring Trick

For example: teleport to ::tele 03118 09860 and yell like this ::yell drop party at ::tele 03118 09860 !!!!!!!!. And a lot of noobs will come, and when they do prepare you weapon (saradomin staff would be better) and attack them all.


This section explains dying in Godzhell and in PKing.

What you lose and what you keep

You will lose any items you are wearing when you die. This was made to stop people from PKing with 1 item and keeping it on death. You also lose every item in your inventory except your three most valuable items, which is usually food and runes.

The Bronze Scimitar

The reason you cannot get a Bronze Scimitar anymore is because it was glitched and would instantly kill anything in one hit, much like the Armadyl Godsword. Anyone who was holding it would be banned, however, now no one is banned due to there never being moderators online. Unfortunaltely, no more Bronze Scimitars exist. It is a wonder that the Armadyl Godsword isn't banned, though it has been banned off and on over the past.


  • You can often lag out when you finish killing someone.
  • The Protect Item prayer allows you to keep one item.
  • When you attack someone, you will get a skull above your head; which means that you will lose everything upon death. If you have Protect Item prayer on, you will keep one item..
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