Whats a "Non Wearable?"

A non wearable is an item that you cannot wear. You may only use, drop, or examine the item. Some items that are a non wearable may have the "wear" option but, you cannot wear them. Non Werables do not help your stats. The only thing they are good for is there looks and how rare it is. A lot of Non Wearables have a unique examine. Non Wearbles don't have to be just a certain type of item. They have a huge variety. They can range  from a pot to a type of food or fish. Keys used to be a great Non Wearable but unfortunately they are now all leaked. Non Wearables are a ton more rare than Wearable items. Most people on GodzHell only believe that "wearables" are the best items. That statement is false. Non Wearables are the new rares. The rares that people never look for. If you come across a non wearable that you barely see, it could be rare. Over time, the wearable extincts will eventually all get leaked in some way, leaving the non-wearables to return to the limelight that they truely deserve.

List of most of the "Rare" Non-Wearables that we, the Godzhell community possess (1-3 of-a-kind  Non Wearables only!)

  • Monkey
  • Orb of Light
  • Marrionettes (Blue,Green,Red)
  • Glowing Fungus
  • Zombie Bones
  • Decapitated Zombie set (Arms,Legs,Torso,2 decapitated heads)
  • Model Ship(s)
  • Ectophial
  • Square Stone
  • Orb of Protection(s)
  • Earth orb
  • Star amulet
  • Totems
  • Bucket of Rubble
  • Shed Key
  • Bone Beads
  • Karambwan
  • Dwarf Cannon
  • Metal rod
  • Woodcutting Tome
  • Disc of Returning
  • Nulled Yo-Yo
  • Extended Brush
  • Dwarven Battle-Axe
  • Trading Sticks
  • Golden Bowl

                                        (Must already be held by someone!)

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