Mod Island

Mod Island is a place you can get to using a glitch. Just go to lumbrige and go to the western part of the castle right next to the stairs. Click on the stairs and you will be in midair. Teleport to the fishing area. Go away from the water until you come to a stream. Find the bridge then you kiss and go across. You will be near a fenced in area. Go above the rectangle building and type ::ground. You will be in a cage with Dagganoth Supremes. They drop bones, lava equipment, and a shiny key, which could be used to make an Armadyl Godsword. Sometimes there are about 5 King Black Dragons at the island. You should leave if this happens.

Lava Equipment

This is equipment that is dropped by Dagganoth Supremes. It is wieled as a weapon. They were former pieces that would create Godswords, but they no longer work.


  • Even though it is called Mod Island, you don't need to be a mod to get there, and it is not an island.
  • Even though the shiny key and lava equipment is worthless, it is sold for very high prices.
  • The lava equipment is orange dragon armor, except for the helm, which is an orange guthan's helm, the boots, which are orange rune boots, the shield, which is an orange crystal shield, and the gloves, which are orange rock shell gloves.
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