Money Making - Skillz/Money

If you really want money in this game, it's theiving or scamming.

X out scamming, it is bad and unuseful.

Although, theiving can be good.

Sell items for coins.

Here is an example :

Tele to Falador - should have a description like this - Stu and Theiv

Steal from the first stall and move up until 99

where you will infact get 4 m a steal. I hope this helped!

if you have time you can also get 99 farm, to do this you must go to wc in the emote tab, then go to the portals and search them till you get to a place where the "turkey event" should be, then use alot of seeds (you buyed alot of them in shops. there under 100gp each so no worrys, just do ::starter and your done) and get up to 98, then do the last seeds (torstel) and you will get 500k every seed, (so buy in alot) these items will get numbert. so you can go on, and on, and on, and on.

(this can be the same whit firemaking and magic logs, when you burn the magic logs it say's: the magic log has glitched and did give you 500k) (train firemaking with the chest in the skillz area)

This is all crap.

If toy need quick money just do slayer. teleport to the slayer tower, kill the bugs and they drop boots e.g. addy, mith, ect. Just try getting the black boots and sell them to the shop owner in skillz, he buys them for 652mill.