Kalphite Queen in second form. She is always in her second form.

The Kalphite Queen, (Commonly reffered to as the KQ), is a Boss Monster on Godzhell. She can be found in her lair alongside several other underestimated Kalphite Soildiers, Guarians and Workers. She is level 333 and should not be taken lightly.

The Kalphite Queen is fairly easy to kill if you have a Perfect Ring due to it always being in its second form, however it is recommended to bring a Perfect Ring and/or an Armadyl Godsword (or any similarly powerful weapon) to ensure that you get drops and not other players.


Remember that you will only get a drop when drops are on!


  • Zamorak, guthix and Saradomin trimmed armour
  • Veracs armour is the best for this
  • Rune gold and trimmed armour
  • Adam gold and trimmed armour
  • Black trimmed armour
  • Gilded armour
  • Guthans amour
  • Dragon armour
  • Amulet of fury
  • Fire cape
  • Splitbark gauntlets


  • Highwayman mask
  • Hats and Scarfs
  • Chompy Bird Hats
  • Berets
  • Santa Hat
  • Mime top
  • bunny ears
  • bobble scarf


  • Bow-Sword
  • Dragon scimmy
  • Guthans war spear
  • Abyssal Whip
  • mod whip


  • Null
  • Crystal Key
  • Square sandwich
  • 1,000,000,000GP
  • Ring of dueling 1 (noted)
  • black partyhat
  • gold santahat
  • Bobble Hat (By: Ashtaar)
  • armadyle god sword (noted 2-5 in note)
  • full armadyl
  • druid pouch (does nothing) By: TheDracula


The Kalphite Queen is as she is in Runescape, but is always in her second form. Whether this is a glitch or not is unknown.

The Kalphite Queen has no graphical bugs, unlike other bosses. (E.G. General Garrador)

There is no real difference between the Kalphite Queen's drops and blue dragons drops. (k queen drops null drags dont)

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