Some commands you can use in godzhell

Player commands

tele XXXX YYYY (Teleports you to a given area dependsing on the numbers you type in)
char (Allows you to change your appearance or gender)
starter (gives you some items, money and food to start off on godzhell)
female (makes you a female)
mystats (Tells you some general info about your account)
wc (used for trading a lot)
mine (used for trading a lot)
smith (used for tradin a lot)
ground (brings you back to the ground)
commands (tells you some commands you can do)
ags (click ground and press enter at the same time)
zgs (click ground and press enter at the same time)
sgs (click ground and press enter at the same time)
veng (click ground and press enter at the same time)
chpw (broken)
addpw (broken)
catherby (fishing and cooking)
kqueen (brings you to fight the kalphite Queen)
mypos (tells you your coords)
empty (clears your inventory)
suicide (you kill your self and everything drops on the ground, so try to not do it)
godwars (brings you to godwars)
newspaper (gets you a game book "pointless command")
mypk (pointless command no pking in the game)
normalon (makes your spell book normal)
ancienton (makes you have acient spells)
partyhat (broken)
ghosts (brings you to a ghost town sort of thing)
afk (use it when you are going away from your keyboard)
barrows (lets you fight the barrows brothers and claim a reward)
dthelp (not sure of desert treasure is a working quest or not)
portals (brings you to a place with portals leading you to other teleports)
bank (opens bank)
players (tells you some of the players online)
Profile (shows you some general info about your account like my stats)

Platinum Member

All the player commands

npc (Spawns in a random npc)
inv (makes you turn invisible)

Mod commands

All of the player commands

kick (broken as far as I know)
xteleto playername (teleports you to another player)
Mute  (It has to be done through the report button then go to mod options and click spamming)

Admin commands

All mod and player commands

xslime playername (turns player into a pig)
pnpc (turns you into a npc not sure if it works though)
unpc (returns you to normal)
dust (fks up the server until it resets so don't do it!)
xteletome playername (teleports someone to you)
xteleall (brings everyone online to you)
pkon (not sure if it works or not)
jail playername (sends someone to jail)
unjail playername (unjails the person that was jailed)
god (makes you start flying) 
godoff (makes you stop flying)
Checkip (check the ip of another user)
interface (opens up the interface)
banuser (use to work now is broken)
unban (unbans user (broken)

Hidden Admin commands

Player, mod and admin commands

givemod playername (makes you a mod)
giveadmin playername (makes you a admin)
demote (demotes the person)
pickup 00995 1 (spawning a item)
item (spawning a item)

Owner commands

Player, Mod, Admin and Hidden Admin commands, no one is really sure what the owner can all do

::nick (lets you copy someones name, however if they log out before the owner, the account gets everything the owner acc had)

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