Godzhell was one of the most famous Runescape Private Server's back in 2008/2009, known for all it's "Stupid Customs" and "Bank resets", it was one of the top Rsps's back in the day, but now has been slowly declining in players, meaning that soon, GodzHell might die.

GodzHell was a remake of Traxxas-Scape, the previous server hosted my Traxxas.


Godzhell has an interesting History, one day it was one of the most famous rsps's, the next, a few hundred players quit.

During 2009, there was a massive reset apparently, "For the lulz", but this reset was because the source was being transferred from Traxxas's Computer to Traxxas's uncle's Computer, he deleted all the character files to reduce the file size.

Hundreds quit, but some person took advantage of the reset and made a new account called "Traxxas", as the original traxxas was deleted, he had control of traxxas.

The real traxxas couldn't do anything about it, as he didn't have the source, so he left GodzHell.

He later returned by Restarting his other well known Server "Twistedscape", and was paid $1,800 to repair the server.

He made some new admins and some new mods and left the server the server for dead.

Currently, his uncle owns the source and and Traxxas is fighting to retrieve the source.


The current staff of GodzHell were made by either, Traxxas, Accident or Payment


Traxxas (Kerry)



Whakapumau (Ethan)

Ollie99443 (Jacob, Justin, Dakota,)

Small War (Mitch)

Megaupload (Ethan)

The Sinned (Ethan)

The best1 (Originally Traxxas's Uncle, hacked by Ethan)


The Pacific (Jack)

Firefaux (Eric)

Sir Void (Ethan)

Soraaa (Mitch)

Adamtheowner (Adam)


Lilskiller47 (Amy)

Playback (Jacob) Broster (Danny)



Why is there no Npc's on my map?

Type ::ground, you are off the original height level.

Why does my bank reset?

Bank Resets have been fixed as of July 2013.

Why does my character become small when i teleport?

This is just a glitch when you click it too many times, just log out and back in.

Why are there Null's in the shops?

This is because Kerry made an error with the item id's in the shop and put in items that don't exist.

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