Credits to Bunny 5 for the idea.

Hello all, it's The Pacific. Just another quick guide to provide some information and help for players.

So, although Traxxas, yes, is the account of one of our owners, people make fake ones all the time in attempts to impersonate our owner and scam YOU out of YOUR items and money! I'm here to help with that.

Here are a few steps you can take to be sure the Traxxas you're talking to isn't a fake.

1. The first, and most obvious way to tell if this Traxxas is fake is by looking at his name in the chatbox. If you've ever seen The Pacific or any other mods in-game, you'll notice they have a player-mod crown in front of their names, just like in Runescape. The account Traxxas, the real one, has a gold admin crown in front of the name, or a J-Mod crown in Runescape. If there's no crown, it's not Traxxas, no matter what they say. They may try to tell you that they're a 'hidden owner' or something, but it's a lie.

2. The second way to tell is When people make fake Traxxas accounts, they put symbols in like @,#,$,_,!,?, etc. when they log into the game. In-game, those symbols won't show up. For example, if somebody types in @#Traxxas!@% as the username, once they log in, it shows up as simply Traxxas. Now. There is a way to see these symbols in the name. Go to your spellbook with normal spells (::normalon) and go to the last one, Teleother Camelot. If you cast this spell on the Traxxas, you can look in your chatbox and see if there are symbols in the name. If there are, it's a fake. The real Traxxas has no symbols. Another way to tell if the person is a fake Traxxas is simply typing ::players. The REAL traxxas doesn't have symbols in front or behind his name.

3. Traxxas, the real owner, will NEVER offer you a staff position (mod or admin or owner) for RSGP, your account, your Runescape account, or anything of the sort. ALSO, Traxxas will never need to know the password of any of your accounts in order to make you a mod, admin, or owner. So NEVER GIVE YOUR PASSWORD TO A TRAXXAS. They're most likely fake if they ask for this information.

If you take these simple steps, you can protect yourself from losing RSGP, Godzhell items, Godzhell accounts, or anything else to a FAKE Traxxas!

Just plain out don't trust anyone named Traxxas unless they have a gold crown right before their name.

This guide was written and published by: The Pacific

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