This page is some questions and answers about Godzhell.

Combat Questions - Questions about fighting

Q: Why do some things attack me while other things don't?

A: Certain things are just aggressive. Examples are: Ice Wolves, people from Desert Treasure, Smokedevils, the King Black Dragon and the Kalphite Queen. (the rock crabs do too if you walk by them) -BigBlake

Q: Why do things drop things some times, and other times they don't.

A: Drops. If they are on, things will appear on the ground. If they are off, things will not. No one can effect if drops are on or off.

Q: What's better? P ring or AGS?

A: P ring because it doesn't disappear and is easier to get.

im sorry but i think its ags becuase it gives a high bonus, pring fails to kill in 1 hit sometimes but the ags has a 100% reliablity to kill in 1hit. the ags is more powerfull.

ibos 100

Q: Why does everything just randomly die? WTF?

A: It's a messed up glitch. Every NPC dies at once. If drops are on you can beat Desert Treasure easily :)

Trade Questions - Questions about trading

Q: How do you trade untradeable items like the Fire Cape?

A: Right click it and select "offer X", then type in 1.

Q: How can I make sure I don't get scammed?

A: Trust them. After they have been your friend for a while it is rare they will scam you. Another way is to scam them. If you get your items like you normally would, give them the item you were going to give them.

Q: How do I duplicate my items?

A: See Item Duping for information.

Game Questions - Questions on how the game works

Q: How do I change the way my character looks?

A: Type ::char.

Q: I am in the air! How do I get down?
A: Type ::ground.

Q: How can I access my bank from anywhere?

A: Type ::bank.

Q: How do I get around?
A: See Teleports.

Other Questions - Any other questions

Q: How is it possible to lose almost everything in your bank?

A: Its when an item is duped, then it will dissappear (i heard, idk if its true) items will disapear no matter what you do, its call a reset. the server did this in purpose. the duping and using ::bank increases the chances for it to happen but it will reset at the end. so making storage accounts and only using invenory is the only way to keep items safe.

Q 2 admin: DONT TURN THE DROPS OFF!! (there must be a way to turn them on...)