Blue dragons (Level 111) found at Train in the emotes tab or in the dungeon near falador. The Blue dragons in the dungeon can be reached by using this telecode: ::tele 02900,09800

Blue dragons are often killed because of their semi-rares drops such as certain hats or trimmed armour. Most wanted item from these blue dragons are the Fire cape.

The Dungeon:


Blue dragons at the dungeon

The Blue dragons at the Dungeon spawns 4 dragons at the same time, but is sometimes crowded by 3 or more people. Desperate to find their beloved fire cape. However, this dungeon is great certain times a day, where theres noone around. This is however, far more superior to Train which only offers 1 Blue dragon and is alot more crowded.

How to get here:

By using this telecode:

::tele 02900,09800

The Train area:

The train area can be reached by going to your


Blue dragons at train

emotes tab and clicking on "Train". However this

dragon is crowded by newcomers and is not adviced if your looking for the fire cape. The training area only spawns 1 Blue dragon per minute, and people will often stay ready to kill it before you.

Blue Dragon Drops:

*Please update whenever you can about new drops*

Fire cape

Bunny ears

Black mystic parts

Parts of Gilded Armour

Chompy bird hats

Black and white Beret

Different types of Scarfs

Ring of Dueling (1) [Noted]


Amulet of Strenght

Amulet of Fury

Woolly hat


Dragon Square shield

Dragon platelegs

Druid pouch

Pirate hat

Highwayman mask

Full skeletal

Full black (T)

Full Guthan armour

Full rune (G) (including skirt)

Full rune (T) (including skirt)

Full zamorak (including skirt)

Full saradomin (including skirt)

Full guthix (including Skirt)

Full Wizard (G)

Full Wizard (T)

Full Adam (G)

Full Adam (T)

Booble scarf

Santa hat