Barrows armor act the same way it does on Runescape, except it won't degrade unless the player dies. Because pking was removed, there is now only one way to die, or suicide rather (type ::suicide). When degraded, a barrow piece will be displayed as "XXXX XXXX 0". There is NO way to repair a degraded barrow piece, but because they are very easy to obtain, this shouldn't be a problem. You can obtain barrows equipment by choosing "Barrw" from the emote tab, and killing all the guardians. If you want the quicker way, type ::tele 03045 03751, and it will take you to the key chest instantly. You can exploit this by clicking the chest very quickly and recieving more keys for each turn.

NOTE: The barrow pieces are given out at random, and there is a chance for a null as well.

Here is a full list of armor/mage/range sets that are avaliable:

-Torags (Helmet, Hammers, Body, Legs)

-Veracs (Helmet, Flail, Bassard, Skirt)

-Guthans (Helmet, Spear, Body, Chainskirt)

-Dharoks (Helmet, Axe, Body, Legs)

-Ahrims (Hood, Staff, Top, Bottom)

-Karils (Hood, Crossbow, Leathertop, Leatherskirt)

There are two other sets that are based on barrows and considered barrows also, Draconic and ghostly Torag's.

NOTE: Equiping a full set of barrows will enhance your combat, but it is more efficent to use a "Perfect ring"

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